“Sustainability is a lifestyle”

This is a genuine attempt to recognise our responsibilities to sustainability as a lifestyle and coastal wear brand which encourages our flock, to do their best and stand behind what we stand for.

Whilst our core focus is the care and protection of our coastal fringe, It transcends into every day life, coast to coast. World wide.
We recognise that we are not all perfect, and have quite a distance to go, however, to effect change it must begin with us now. We are excited to share this journey with you as our community and invite you to contribute to our current and future steps to a more responsible and sustainable world.

Making a difference

1) All of our products contain no excess plastic packaging.
2) Online purchases will be delivered in our new eco-mailers. Made from 100% recycled material's and will decompose over time.
As a flock, WE FLY.