Living a coastal lifestyle

We acknowledge and celebrate the beauty of living a coastal lifestyle, whilst highlighting the ways we can keep our coast clean and beautiful for all to enjoy.
bird & hill is committed to finding the newest ways to run a sustainable fashion operation, keeping costs low and quality high, balancing demand with supply to avoid over production, and using zero plastics in our eyewear, packaging, and shipping.

Abundant inspiration

While our intention is pure, we also just want to create some really nice limited edition pieces, stuff we’ve been talking about for years! Inspiration from surfers, lifeguards, ocean photographers, friendly sharks, and even a seagull named Chippy. It’s all starting now. And we are so excited to share it with you. 
“We embrace the idea of leaving only footprints in the sand for others to follow.”
This is just the beginning, of our sustainable endeavours. We're just warming up. That’s a promise.