General care for your sunglasses 

To ensure a long life for your sunglasses our advice is:

  • Do not hyper-extend the arms. 
  • Leave them in a safe spot, out of reach of animals and children. 
  • Polish over your sunglasses when they need a clean.
  • Avoid leaving them on your car dashboard on hot days as timber is a "living" product.
  • Keep them in your bird & hill.® pouch or signature case when not worn.


    The correct way to store your sunglasses

    Your sunglasses deserve a good home. You should always keep them in your bird & hill.® pouch or signature case when you are not wearing them. If you do not have a case / you are not home, remember to put them in a safe spot with the lenses facing upwards. 

    Sunglasses should never be exposed to extreme heat. e.g. do not leave them in a hot car. Extreme temperature for prolonged times can damage even the toughest frames and lenses.  


    Cleaning your sunglasses

    The best way to keep your sunglasses clean is to keep them in your bird & hill. ® pouch or signature case when not wearing them. To keep your sunglasses clean, use your bird & hill.® microfibre cloth to wipe over the lenses and frame. This will keep them clean and smudge proof.

    Avoid cleaning your sunglasses with your shirt sleeve, scarf, or tissue paper. This can leave micro scratches on your lenses and frames. You want something soft to polish your sunglasses. 

    Treat your sunglasses gently while cleaning them.

    If your sunglasses are dirty, our advice is to first use your bird & hill.® microfibre cloth to help with removing any coarse dirt particles. Then use lukewarm water and a tiny drop of washing up liquid to assure a good clean, wiping over the frames and lenses. (not on wood). Remember to polish over the nose pad area, as it will remove any greasy substances such as makeup and sweat.  

    17 June, 2019 — bird & hill. team