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The Good Time Club was created one afternoon while at the beach, gazing through the new frames just thinking. Thinking about, well about what everyone really wants in life.

That's to have a good time, right?! Well yes of course! That and be happy. Our new collection we believe may not be the key to self happiness, but owning a pair is a sure start.


There is 7 different styles in our new range. 

Hollywood & VineBrooklynJohn JohnThe MexicanZenBroadway and R.Efron

Every unique pair of this collection was sketched out first and then beautifully handcrafted with a lot of love. They all have their own story, which you can find on their product page. These shades are not your standard pair of sunglasses! A lot of time went into the design process, and researching and finding quality materials.

Carl Zeiss lenses are standard in all styles of this collection. We have used Italian acetate, stainless steel hinges and wood temples collected from all around the globe.

This collection is Unisex, in fact all of our collections are. We have made it this way as our glasses are very versatile. There is no right or wrong, or mens or womens styles. You can wear these glasses with what ever attire you choose. Your favourite sweater and tie up shoes, high tea, weddings, functions, to the beach, skate park, or simply just in day to day life.


We hope you enjoy this new collection as much as we do!


Inspo: I sketched this pair while i was staying in Hollywood at a backpackers a few years ago, we absolutely love how they fit almost every face. They are also one of our best sellers. 


Inspo: From Brooklyn’s motto ‘In Unity there is Strength’ reflected in our seamless combination of high gloss and matte acetate with dark walnut timber insert. Be one, be strong, Brooklyn. 


Inspo: Double John. Named after one of our favourite surfers of all time, John John Florence. Now the 2016 Surfing Champion. Hawaiian themed - Exclusive Brown vera wood temples.


Inspo: From that place where you’d rather be. Sun, surf, beer, tacos and white sandy beaches. We use a white organically sourced maple wood to represent Mexico as one of our favourite homes away from home.


Inspo: We let the mind run free and the body create. This timeless shape is accompanied with dark ebony wood, organically selected by hand from Sri Lanka. Only a limited 50 pieces were ever produced. 


Inspo: Every city has one, a place to play your guitar, don’t stop till you’re a star. 


Inspo: Our good friend Rhys, looks like Zac Efron; and he loves this pair!


- With love, the birdy team xx

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