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Our Story

Jack & Shell. Two young entrepreneurs from Terrigal Beach, Australia.

bird & hill.



It all clicked one afternoon after I broke a pair of generic $190.00 surf sunglasses. I went to my local surf shop and couldn’t find a new pair that would justify the price. I started researching and I became passionate about finding sunglasses that were better.

I went to business school with a goal in mind of designing and making fashionable and unique eyewear of superior style and quality. After years of trials and errors we now have a product we are proud to present to you. A real alternative to the traditional mass produced product in the market place today.


When Jack shared with me his vision, I started drawing sunglasses, every size and shape you could imagine! I wanted our product to be more authentic than anything else on the market.

Since my drawings were only that, we started creating the frames by hand to ensure quality and durability. We work with the world’s most famous lens brand, Carl Zeiss Optics. With them we have created scratch-resistant polarised lens for each handmade frame.

ps. (All my original sketches can be found on our website in the sunglasses section.)


We enhance the vision of the naked eye, with deeper blue’s and richer red’s.

We’re always seeking to refine and expand our collection. With only a limited number of each frame ever produced.

You’re eyes were made to fade, our glasses were not.


bird & hill.

Sunglasses as unique as you are.